The aim of the Foundation is to contribute to reducing social inequalities through cooperation with public library projects aimed at the most vulnerable segments of society: children and young people with reading comprehension problems who are often from families with difficulties; unemployed people and migrants at risk of social exclusion; older people who have contributed to society and who now are often alone, etc.

We believe that the progress of a country is only possible through the contribution of all and that inequalities and poverty affect the whole population and not just those who directly suffer. In addition to services linked to culture, public libraries are key to improving the quality of life, social cohesion, and also to the economic growth of a country: open to everyone and reaching across the territory, they have an enormous potential which is what we want to support.

The Foundation is based on two elements:

  1. Public library as an institution that acts to ensure equal access to information and knowledge, which is an important element in services for social cohesion.
  2. Social commitment, understood as the desire – and actions – intended to help alleviate the situation of the most vulnerable sectors of society. That is why the Board of Trustees includes professionals coming from the field of libraries as well as other sectors.

Knowledge map of public library projects for combating social exclusion

"Knowledge map of public library projects for combating social exclusion". Supported by a grant from the PL2020 Programme of the R&W.

  • 2020 Public Libraries Reading & Writing Foundation (Belgium), has selected the best projects to various libraries and associations submitted to the call "Public Libraries Advocacy Project".
  • In July 2015, of the 35 projects submitted, six were selected, including that submitted the Foundation: "Knowledge map of public library projects for Combating social exclusion".
  • In this map,available in English, Spanish and Catalan, we include the projects presented to the annual prize of the Foundation "Public libraries and social commitment" (#PremioBiblioSocial), who have received a better evaluation by the jury.
  • The map will enable knowledge sharing projects carried out by public libraries and to demonstrate to the authorities and the third sector this important social role they play. See the Map in R&W website.

Objectives of the Foundation

  • To encourage and promote projects that help alleviate social imbalances, and to generate critical thinking.
  • To increase visibility of projects and initiatives carried out by public libraries in the social sphere.
  • To promote the exchange of knowledge in this sector.
  • The Foundation carries out its functions from Catalonia for all of Spain, without precluding actions in other countries following the interests and purposes of the foundation.

Our values

  • We believe that another world is possible and that all of us can contribute in one way or another. Changes can also occur from small actions.
  • The Foundation acts in a transparent way and is committed to making fair and impartial decisions at all times.
  • The Foundation doesn’t accept any financial support from Public Administration.

How you can help

  • Helping to spread word about the Foundation and the activities it carries out
  • Contributing ideas, proposals, initiatives, …
  • Participating through "social engagement" celebrations: Why not consider contributing to social engagement projects as an alternative way for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or other festive events.

We collaborate with

  • Public libraries.
  • Entities acting with the most vulnerable sectors of society.
  • Other sectors: schools, prisons, etc. in projects carried out in coordination with the public library.
  • Professional associations.
  • And anyone who thinks that we need to act for a more just, supportive and inclusive world.